Yuri Linus

유리 라이너스





Personal Status



Vera Linus (Sister)

Martial Arts
Martial Art

Heaven's Riches Divine Fist


The older sister of Vera and a former friend of deceased Lightning Tiger. Using the resources of Reunion, she seeks to fuse her essence with nature, so as to control all natural phenomena and become a god. Like Vera, she fights using the Arts of Heaven's Rich Strength. It is implied that although she is incredibly powerful (possibly the strongest master of Heaven Riches), she was defeated by Lightning Tiger. She is in a reunion building, in a coma-like state, after the battle with Lighting Tiger. The last attack of Lightning Tiger is constantly feeding electrical energy and immobilizing her body (a similar principle to electrocution) and has such power that even Fire Dragon cannot stand the energy for too long, when Gangryong touches her the power feedback puts him on his knees and later he loses consciousness. It has been revealed that her condition has led to a split in some factions, as some people don't believe her condition is reversible. In fact she was sealed into a cryo-genic like state by Lightning Tiger. Ma Gangryong broke the seal in the last chapter and freed her. She now plans on striking back at The Heaven's Riches Faction in part 2.


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