Rud Han

루드 한





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Student Council


Nine Dragons

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Martial Arts
Martial Art

Southern Taek-Gyun



Manhwa Debut

Fight 3

Rud Han is one of the protagonists in the series.


A member of the Student Council who is opposed to Vera and the Second Dragon of the Nine Dragons. Rud was a very frail child with little potential for fighting. His life was once saved by a girl named Anachelli, who taught him basic martial arts techniques and arranges for his arrival at the school. She also provides him with information on the Feline Claws fighting style, which he pursues despite its inherent weakness. He develops a strong grudge against Guhoo after he kills Anachelli in battle, and uses this motivation to rise to the top of the school. He and Jeeha have taken Gangryong under their wing, as they are also traditional successors. They seem to have a plan for revenge against Vera and her friends. After Guesong's death he challenges Vera to a match next year. To aid him, Fire Dragon has secretly given Rud all of Reunion's information on the techniques of EOTL and Lightning Tiger's hidden notes in an effort to perfect Gangryong's abilities, plus a lot of information on the other students of the council styles and techniques. In volume 9 he, alongside Shin, attacks Fire Dragon, when the latter is harming Hayato and Madoka.

In the last chapter he killed himself after making a deal with Vera to save his friends.


Feline Claws

Feline Claws

  • Feline Claws - A minor technique in Southern Taek-Gyun. This technique concentrates Ki through the hands and into the fingertips. The Ki coalesces onto each finger and can be used like a claw. This technique has both close-combat and long-range uses.
  • Heavy Inner Palm - A technique where the user is able to inflict internal damage through the palm. By attacking the brain the user is able to disrupt the targets balance. This technique can be blocked by using enough Ki.
Shattering Cross

Shattering Cross

  • Shattering Cross - Used to strip Guhoo of his Iron Spirit, it gathers all his claws into a single point creating a cross-shaped mark. Rud jokingly said to Guhoo that he uses this skill to open up his soda can some of the time.
  • Sharpened Sword Force - Used to cut Guhoo's arm off, it's supposedly impossible to channel through the hand alone, which in Rud's case proves that wrong as he was able to do it. However, its still not perfected, but the art itself compresses Ki and extends it into a form where it becomes as sharp as any blade.
  • Half-Step - A dodge skill that was created by Gu Honse. It has an effectiveness of 70% average but against Reunion styles it's average rate increases to 95% overall.

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