Tightrope Walking

Tightrope Walking

Rope Trick otherwise known as Uer-Leum is one of the six core Yardplay traditional arts and was disguised as an acrobatic act involving the performance of gymnastic feats on a tightrope suspended above the ground. Rope Trick may place more of an emphasis on footwork than other Yardplay arts due to the precise footwork needed for traversing tightropes. The successor of Rope Trick Faction whose major art is Rope Trick is known as the Uer-Leum Shae. The only known practitioner of Rope Trick is Chun Guesong .

Tightrope Walking is the only demonstrated technique of Rope Trick as of Part 1Tightrope Walking is a dash-like skill in where the Yard Player creates a gentle breeze-like force of unmaterialized Ki and extends it in a rope-like form. The practitioner can then jump onto and ride this Ki 'rope' and quickly close the distance between themselves and their opponent. When Rope Trick practitioners ride this technique they can close distances even faster than Head of Lightning .

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