Orchestration or Poong-Mul is one of the 6 core Yardplay arts and was disguised in the musical arts of the Yardplay troupe. Orchestration Play Ki attacks are formed from Ki shockwaves focused on the closed fist or open palm of the user. Blocking these strikes is futile as intercepting the blows causes the shockwaves to explode damaging the blocker regardless. These shockwaves behave in a similar manner to soundwaves and make a loud noise when detonated. The sucessor of Orchestration Faction who majors in the art is known as the Poong-Mul Shae. Chun Guesong is the only known practitioner of Orchestration. 

The open palm version of Orchestration was referred to by Chun Guesong as "Sounding the gong" and may be a seperate technique to the closed fist variant. This technique bears a resemblance to the popular Reunion Officer Candidate School technique Heavy Inner Palm.

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