Gu Honse

구 혼세



Professional Status



Nine Dragons

Personal Status


Martial Arts


Manhwa Debut

Fight 3

Leader of the Nine Dragons. Gangryong was put in the care of Gu Honse by friends Rud and Jeeha. On the surface, he is as a cowardly man who doesn't like getting mixed up with Gangryong's messes. However, beneath his foolish persona, he is very dangerous. He was, at one point, the third-strongest student at the school. In addition, he is a shrewd tactician who developed many techniques, some of which were specifically designed to counter the fighting style of Reunion such as "Half-Step", he also helped Rud learn "Sharpened Sword Force". Honse destroyed his own ki channels so that Guesong and the other members of the student council would spare his life and allow him to stay at Reunion until graduation, saying he had no where else to go, since he was an orphan. When Guesong was killed he sobbed and grieved. He shows a great aptitude to understand techniques and the principles behind them, at one point when Gangryong tried to use Lightning Flash, Honse stated "Tell me how it works and I'll make it so you can use it without risk", Gangryong refused because he is not willing to share the secrets of EOTL with anyone, but both Jeeha and Rud show great confidence in Gu Honse skill's with techniques.

Honse has recently revealed that his ki channels were never destroyed and has challenged Vera Linus.

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