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Southern Yardplay



Manhwa Debut

Fight 34

Member for 15 years and head disciple of the Southern Yardplay Faction, and the Fifth Dragon and eldest of the Nine Dragons. He has an almost fanatical obsession with Vera, at one point leading him to betray his allegiance to the traditional successors at the Reunion school. It was his idea to threaten and attack Honse, leading to the closing of his ki passages. His violent reaction to Vera's rejection led to a longstanding feud with Madoka and deciding to keep whatever Vera holds dear away from her, since only then would she look at him. His reason for falling for her was to make her smile since ever since she was child she never did. He defeats Madoka in chapter 45 but is killed when Vera interfered in her place - using Vacuum Strike, and finally getting his desired kiss. His fighting style is largely based on acrobatics and circus-style performance, and his face is never shown without a traditional Korean mask of "The Fool" from the Hahoe style of theater. His specialties are Poongmul, Bunha, Lifewish, Illusion, Overgrab and Trap.


  • Mirage- A lost skill from Yardplay faction he restored, uses Ki to move the entire body, which means that it allows the user to move quickly even in midair.
  • Head of Lightning - Part of his traditional art, it's an extremely fast dash and the first part of Life Wish.
  • Tuna Turnover - An over-the-shoulder throw, he used it to start the Life Wish.
  • Life Wish- A combination aerial acrobatic attack at high speed.
  • Bunha (Spinning Dish) - A projectile Ki attack using a dark core with a ring of air surrounding it.
  • Orchestration- A Yardplay skill that rides Ki along a punch, when the opponent block it creates a shockwave.
  • Tightrope Walker - A string of materialized Ki that allows him to move faster than Head of Lightning.
  • Heated Yang Palm Method- Used to superheat the hand, he burned his wound closed.


  • his name is same a korean reading form by other name of Song Jiang (天魁星, Tian Kui Xing) in Water Margin, a famous chinese fiction. meaning Leader Star.